Medical Planning & Design

The general objectives of our medical planning and design services include the synchronization between medical planners, project architects and MEP team to meet the needs of the overall project design schedule for accurate and timely technical information.
We assure that the iterative schematic designs improve operational functionality, safety, flexibility and cost-effectiveness and adapt to changing healthcare technologies over the lifetime of the facility. We review the adequacy and needs of the equipment requirements and generate lists with the latest technologies stipulated by the medical planners, and bring to that task the most reliable and up-to-date information on healthcare technology. We apply proven analytical tools, medical equipment databases and planning systems to achieve optimum results.

Methods & Processes

El Ezaby equipment planning services blend traditional processes, such as:
o Needs analysis
o Hospital master planning
o Functional planning
o Space programs
o Design evaluation
o Cost optimization
o Departmental and room equipment schedules
o Architectural and engineering coordination
o Scheduling, staging and installation testing and commissioning
With El Ezaby the medical equipment knowledge and the efforts of our many experienced full time product specialists El Ezaby is capable to optimize equipment planning, specification and selection. There are several characteristics that distinguish our approach to equipment planning and assessment, that enable us to provide high-quality, cost-effective equipment planning services to meet the specific needs of the client.

Team of Experts

El Ezaby has a dedicated team with extensive experience, gained over decades, to provide strategic technology planning, equipment planning and procurement assistance for healthcare facilities.
Our planning team includes staff with expertise in the pertinent technologies mainly in surgical services, biomedical engineering, procurement, and logistics. This team is backed up by internal consulting specialists that draw from the knowledge and experience and up-to-date knowledge of our interdisciplinary staff in our back office in Germany as needed.